Dr. Scholar Lee Podcast

Dr. Scholar Lee

Who is Dr. Scholar Lee?​Dr. Scholar Lee (Me/Myself/I) is THEE VOICE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. He highlights the binary world we inhabit, which is plagued by power sickness, dis'eases, and corruption. The Dr. Scholar Lee Podcast is described as instructive, transformative, healing, and Spiritually enlightening, with a focus on educating, elevating, enlightening, and empowering humanity to create a more affirming, safe, and loving world for all communities to coexist respectfully.​Dr. Scholar Lee's mission aims to help people heal from the conditioning that society has created and become enlightened to experience and share unconditional love and life with oneself and others. The podcast is promoted along with the "GENDERED." documentary series, which explores the issues and lived experiences of the transgender and nonbinary community. Overall, the purpose of The Dr. Scholar Lee Podcast is to create affirming, safe, and loving environments for all and to promote enlightenment, evolution, and healing of humanity.

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