The Dr. Scholar Lee Experience

Dr. Scholar Lee

Who is Dr. Scholar Lee? He is a Truth Seeker, Truth Speaker, and Servant in the place of Truth. The Dr. Scholar Lee Experience podcast is instructive, transformative, healing, and spiritually enlightening.Collectively, we inhabit a binary world plagued by powersickness, diseases, and corruption. You are cordially invited into the world of Dr. Scholar Lee. He discusses his experiences as what society deems a Black transgender man, PhD candidate, philosopher, creative genius, and a Spiritual guru. He also offers his beliefs, ideologies, and spiritual wisdom. Dr. Scholar Lee also promotes his "GENDERED" podcast documentary series. This documentary series features interviews with transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people who discuss their lived experiences. Additionally, family members, professionals, and supporters of the TGNC community share their experiences and expertise in this podcast documentary series.The purpose of this podcast is to educate, elevate, enlighten, and empower humanity to evolve into a world that is affirming, safe, compassionate, respectful, sovereign, and self-loving. Most importantly, create affirming, safe, and loving environments for transgender and gender nonconforming people to coexist. The goal of Dr. Scholar Lee is for everyone to become enlightened and heal from the programming that society has created and indoctrinated.

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