Research lives and cultures

Dr Sandrine Soubes

Research careers are complex and unpredictable, but the lives of researchers are fascinating.On this podcast, Dr Sandrine Soubes interviews researchers, academics and professionals with research background about their journeying through research lives and professional transitions.Bringing these stories to you listeners is about illustrating the diversity of approaches in navigating the complexities of the research environment. Stories from our guests show that there is never a set path for research careers. Guests share ideas from their own experiences about thriving in the research environment.These discussions address how individuals make choices or create opportunities and what challenges they face balancing personal lives and professional aspirations. This podcast represents a desire to help researchers navigate more joyfully the bumpy rides of research lives through sharing stories.The podcast is hosted by Dr Sandrine Soubes who is a facilitator, coach and trainer for the research environment. If you want to share your own life in research, contact Sandrine at

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