Talking Pools Podcast

Rudy Stankowitz

Forget chasing chlorine headaches and battling algae wars alone. The Talking Pools Podcast is your weekly escape from pool purgatory, where 250+ years of combined pro wisdom explodes into actionable hacks, mind-blowing tips, and secrets so ancient they make Poseidon jealous.Think of it as your weekly poolside braintrust, fueled by eight seasoned pros, each a rockstar in their own aquatic lane. Got a filtration fiasco? Chemical conundrum? Equipment enigma? No problem. We've got a host for that:The Tech Titan: Unravels the mysteries of pumps, filters, and gizmos that make pools tick (without the electrical shocks).The Chem Crusader: Your personal alchemist, whipping up potion-perfect water balance with a dash of science and a sprinkle of magic.The Maintenance Maverick: From tile tricks to algae assassins, he's got the lowdown on keeping your pool looking like a liquid emerald palace.The Customer Calmer: Smooths ruffled feathers faster than a pool noodle bouquet, turning hangry homeowners into poolside pals.But Talking Pools isn't just about technical wizardry. It's about camaraderie, the shared language of pool pros who've seen it all, from exploding filters to synchronized swimming squirrels (no, really, we had an episode!).Every week, you'll:Steal game-changing secrets: Learn pro-grade hacks to make you the "Pool Whisperer" in your marketLaugh until you spit out your piña colada: These guys are as witty as they are wise, turning pool problems into poolside punchlines.Get ahead of the curve: Stay on top of industry trends and tech before your competitors even smell the chlorine.Feel the love (and the sunshine): Remember why you got into this business in the first place – the joy of creating backyard oases where memories are made.So, ditch the Drano, grab your headphones, and dive into the Talking Pools Podcast. It's your weekly dose of poolside wisdom, laughter, and community. We'll see you on the flip side!P.S. Subscribe now and you might just win a case of pool party essentials (floaties not included, sorry squirrels).P.P.S. Tell your pool-loving friends – sharing knowledge is like sharing sunscreen, it protects everyone!

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