My podcast is about self-improvement and helping empaths, highly sensitive women and spiritual entrepreneurs get to the root of their healing journey, heal past trauma, trust and hold their vision and never give up!It's about: Speaking truth. (and speaking up). Being vulnerable. Being authentic AF. Feeling and moving through everything with grace and self-trust. Surrendering.  Loving ourselves hard.And absolutely helping clients do the same!We cover raw and real topics including intuition led energy healing, human design, movement, empath navigation, animal chakras, ADHD, reiki, hormone imbalances, moods and pre-menopausal tips, throat chakra alignment, the energetics of business + money mindset, and my beloved side hustles.The mind, body and spirit connection. If you want high frequency empowerment, mindset shifts, authentic highs and lows, real AF motivation and the best holistic tools to lead an epic life, The Spiritual Root is the show for you. To learn more about why The Spiritual Root is the best place to get truly inspired and live Soul LIT, visit

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