Farmers continually strive for higher yields. But to improve yield and maximize profit, one needs to be progressive and continually seek out knowledge. Welcome to the Yield Masters Podcast! Hosted by Todd Steinacher, we bring you a show dedicated to providing you information, teachings, strategies, and methodologies to implement and achieve higher yields in your crop. Todd Steinacher is passionate about agronomy and has a desire to help people succeed. Todd is an agronomist and Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) supporting West Central Illinois. When not in the fields working directly with farmers, Todd is very active with the Illinois Soybean Association as well as sitting on the Illinois CCA Board. Currently, Todd Steinacher is a Regional Agronomist at AgriGold, a brand created over 80 years ago by farmers, for farmers. Built to deliver unrivaled genetic innovation and performance direct to the farm, AgriGold’s highest priority is to provide growers with the right genetics and the right technology backed by industry leading agronomic knowledge for every acre they plant. Todd has led or been involved with countless projects including flag test studies looking at emergence, nitrogen sampling, evaluating disease pressure and fungicide use, grain fill studies, fertility programs, and has experienced most of what farmers are dealing with today. So much of agriculture is unpredictable. Todd’s philosophy is to remember that, and to do all we can to control the controllable. What is happening on your farm that is within your power to adapt and change? Your fertility program, residue management , hybrid and variety selection, maximizing grain fill? During the Yield Master Podcast, you can expect to hear from other AgriGold agronomists, industry professionals, academic experts, and most importantly, the growers doing it right that we like to call Yield Masters. Wherever you're at in the country or throughout the season, from a yield standpoint, the primary cause of yield reduction is stresses. Here on the Yield Masters Podcast, you will learn to identify those major stresses that cause yield-limiting events within your crop, offset them, and minimize the impact. Not only this, but you will walk away with some relevant takeaways that you can implement yourself in your own fields. We invite you to join Todd and his special guests in delightful and informative conversations as they highlight different issues and provide the perfect employable solutions. Arm yourself with proven and up-to-date agronomic knowledge so you can maximize your crop results. Tune in to the Yield Masters Podcast with Todd Steinacher and truly become yield masters!

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