Marketing Bound: For New B2B Marketers

Laura L. Bernhard

Helping new B2B marketers look good at work. Tune in to the Marketing Bound Podcast to develop your marketing skills, navigate the corporate world like a pro, boost your confidence in your role and access the greatest minds in B2B marketing. Join Laura L. Bernhard every week to fast-track your career in B2B. Subscribe today! Get additional resources at Note from Laura: “With almost a decade of experience in marketing, there are a lot of things I could have done better. Looking back, there are so many mistakes I can help you avoid. Now, I’m on a new journey of my own as I start my role as Director of Marketing for a cyber security company. I’m so excited to share my marketing tips, what I learn in my new role, and to introduce you to Rockstar marketers to guide you through your B2B marketing career. You’ve come to the right place!”

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