Art is for everyone and Who ARTed makes art history accessible for anyone who enjoys exploring visual arts in an audio medium. We mix a bit of humor with adequate research to tell the story behind the works and surprising facts that make the visual arts more interesting and relatable for everyone. With a strengths-based approach to art analysis, the goal of every episode is to find the good. Art is the product of human creativity. The capacity to think symbolically and express ourselves creatively is what makes humans special. It is how and why we got out of the trees. Art is a form of visual communication that helps us relate to others, understand our past, our present and envision a better future. Who ARTed is dedicated to equity celebrating the achievements of artists of all cultures. We appreciate artistry in all of its forms. From Leonardo da Vinci to Lego designers, Who ARTed is here to help you recognize the genius in all art forms one piece at a time. Hosted by Kyle Wood, a visual artist and art teacher, Who ARTed brings you weekly art history for all ages. Whether you are cramming for your art history exam, trying to learn a few facts so you can sound smart at fashionable dinner parties, or just looking to hear something with a more positive tone, we’ve got you covered.

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