Hey guys,我是Simon. 不管你是正處於20幾歲迷惘的人生路上,或是工作一段時間還在思索著下一步的社會人士,又或是正在考慮開啟自己的事業、創造屬於自己的作品的創作者等等....... 不要錯過 師父 The Mentor. 在師父 The Mentor的節目裏,我接觸各領域、產業,有獨特想法、見解的傑出人士,詢問他們關於創業、創作,以及各種關於人生的問題. 在一群人的 meeting 裡,我永遠都會把自己當作最笨的那一個人,因為我知道我可以從任何人的行為舉止、做事、思考方式學到寶貴的一課. 準備好跟我一起向師父學習了嗎? Hey guys, I'm Simon Peng. Welcome to my podcast show, 師父 The Mentor. In this podcast, I interview successful/ experienced and share the stories behind their business, career, creation. We focus on how people get started and follow-through, even more, make their idea bigger than themselves and most importantly, how they think and view the world. The stories are inspiring and also provide specific advice and insight into starting your own thing or give you new thoughts on life. Through creating this interview show, I want to help you get started and take action on the things you've been always want to do and shifting your perspective. --- 如果內容對你有幫助,是時候了!我需要你小小的幫忙持續提供你更優質的內容? 贊助Simon, 請他一杯黑咖啡吧! -> https://pay.firstory.me/user/ck8abmounwh350873589f2pzz Powered by Firstory Hosting

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