Celebrating Your Creative Journey Remember Creativity Is Not Just In Music or the ArtsHey Beautiful People! Are you a creative individual who craves a platform to express your passions, share your unique story, and connect with like-minded individuals? Look no further because I, Savia Rocks, am thrilled to present the Us People Podcast – a powerful platform where your creativity, individuality, and business success take centre stage through engaging conversations.As a Professional Photographer, Award Winning Writer, Presenter, CEO & Founder. I understand the struggles and challenges faced by creative individuals like you.Remember Creativity Is Not Just In Music or the Arts it's in business & Life.  When I embarked on my creative journey, there was a dearth of resources and mentoring avenues. I had to teach myself most of what I know today, fueled solely by my unwavering passion. It wasn't an easy path, especially given the financial constraints I faced.But I want to change that for you. I want to provide you with the advice, inspiration, and options that were lacking when I started out. With Us People Podcast, you'll gain access to the stories and experiences of fellow creatives who have overcome obstacles, discovered their true potential, and achieved remarkable success. Together, we'll explore the limitless possibilities that lie within your talent, helping you believe in your abilities and unleashing your creativity to its fullest potential. As your host, I am committed to not only guiding you on your chosen path but also ensuring you have fun along the way. After all, life is about enjoying the journey, celebrating milestones, and embracing the joy of creating. If you're passionate about your craft and have a story to share, I invite you to join us on the Us People Podcast. Whether you're a budding photographer, a skilled writer, or someone with a truly unique passion, we want to hear from you. Reach out to us via email, phone call, or text to become a part of our growing community of creative minds.If you'd like to support and donate to the Us People Podcast, your generosity will help us continue providing this valuable platform to aspiring creatives. Visit donorbox.org/us-people-podcast to contribute and be a part of this incredible journey.Thank you for lending us your ears and being a part of our community. Remember to stay happy, positive, and always be kind to one another. Together, let's celebrate your creative journey on the Us People Podcast! https://uspeoplepodcast.comIf you would like to be on the Us People Podcast, please feel free to contact us on:  uspeoplepodcast@gmail.com 07377774478 / 02089642494 For Donations & Sponsorship: https://donorbox.org/us-people-podcast https://donorbox.org/officespace#infoThank you for listening.Stay Happy & Positive and continue to be kind to one another. "For The People By The People"

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