Peach Pit Fitness

Jenn Schwartz & Meredith Mack

Whether it’s women’s fitness, enhancing strength training mentality or picking apart the latest exercise fads, Jennifer Schwartz and Meredith Mack share actionable insights and questions that will inspire more perspective and respect for fitness trends past and present. With a combined 35 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jenn and Meredith will be your guides in a new commentary on how fitness shapes our lives with their knowledge of and experience in exercise mechanics, strength training for women, anatomy, injury and how the body adapts This monthly podcast is part of the Think Fit. Be Fit. podcast network that supports the listeners by promoting an autonomous and thoughtful fitness approach. We invite our listeners to join us on a journey to the rarely spoken of intelligence in exercise. This network is a gathering place for ongoing conversations about all the things that create more health expansion, self- growth opportunities and all the things in exercise that are beyond the surface level form.

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