Shungite Reality Podcast focuses on shows dealing with Shungite from the science to the products. The Shungite Radio Show is seen Tuesdays Noon-2 pm EST For the rest of Cosmic Reality Shows: Shungite World Grid Metaphysical Perspectives You Tube MysticalWares: Shungite Reality Book Cosmic Reality Radio Archives - Shungite Store & Information - Cosmic Reality Radio - Shungite Reality Book: Cosmic Reality YouTube: Shungite Radio Show Playlist: Shungite Beehives YouTube: “Shungite Reality” Facebook Group: “Cosmic Reality” Facebook Group - Cosmic Reality & Mystical Wares are the sources for information, science, exploration and understand of the wonders of the miracle mineral Shungite & much more! We provide informative and entertaining radio shows with spiritually motivated hosts sharing observations of Reality from the mundane to the profound. Visit our online store: Mystical Wares Use Promo Code "SAVE10" for 10% Off Entire Order!

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