Additional Postage Required

Jay Petrequin

Clem Bianchi is a courier, delivering mail in space one job at a time in a future where mankind has settled among the stars faster than communications technology can keep up. When a chance encounter awakens them to the ability to hear conversations tied to their mail, they embark upon a journey of adventure, conspiracy, and connections made across the stars. Additional Postage Required is a biweekly audio drama podcast, chronicling Clem's adventures as they take on jobs, explore the new abilities at their disposal, and become entangled with the lives of their clients. APR is created and written by Jay Petrequin (@extremesalsaing on social media), co-written and co-produced by Chris Hutton (@topherdisgrace) and stars Kai Swanson as Clem. Full cast lists, sound effect credits and content warnings can be found in episode descriptions. Additional Postage Required can be found on Twitter at @APR_podcast, where you can also find a link to our Patreon. APR is a member of the Moonshot Podcast Network, alongside queer-led shows on everything from romance novels to tabletop games. Find out more at

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