Being a parent isn’t something you’re instantly good at. Instead, it’s a long process of learning how to mash together skills from other areas of your life—like your work and your hobbies—so you can do useful things for your family. Like learning to cook, fixing up the house, and setting good goals as a parent.And that's where Dad Always Told Me comes in.Hosted by me, Josh Haroldson (@joshharoldson)—stay-at-home dad, problem-solver, freelancer, copywriter, chef, pro photographer, handyman, and everyday adventurer—each episode is a short (2-15 minute) exploration into the connections I'm finding between creativity, problem-solving, and the funny business that is life as a parent.Of course, please, don't take my advice too seriously. Or at all. This is meant to be a fun podcast that's full of sweetness and light.But, as Dads do, I'll still try my best to share some easy—and possibly useful—tips, lessons, and frameworks you can apply right now to your life as a parent. You know, the kind of stuff I want to pass on to my kid so maybe one day he'll say, "You know, Dad always told me..."And remember. Don't quit. Make it easy. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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