DeepRec.AI - The Leadership Lab Podcast

Anthony Kelly

The DeepRec.AI Leadership Lab brings together a community of founders, innovators and DeepTech enthusiasts to decode the future of cutting-edge technology. Our aim is to spotlight thought leaders, provide a platform for honest and open discussion, and grow a thriving network of talented tech professionals. Diversity of thought is needed to nurture digital bravery and help us solve the most complex problems in the DeepTech landscape. Our community is a place for sharing experiences, exploring new projects, and learning how to use DeepTech to build the leading-edge systems of tomorrow. Whether you’re developing the brains of the next best self-driving cars, or you’re working on an AI that predicts disasters, the future is in our hands, and we want to help you create it. If you want to join our community and make an impact of your own, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you. 

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