Wabi Sabi is a podcast that ponders about life through the lens of impermanence + imperfection all while imbibing tea in the traditional Gong Fu style. Gong Fu means ‘the art of doing something well’. In the tea ceremony known as gong fu cha, the implication is that time, effort, and dedication will produce a profound tea experience. The topics explored in this show are wide ranging: Life, love, food, culture, time, work, money, parenthood, technology, creativity and much more. All interviews are conducted with a jazz-like mentality; all unedited, unscripted, and freeform. A bit about me, Adam, your host: Dad to a 3 year old daughter, freelance user experience designer, musician, and tea eccentric living in Los Angeles. I’m no expert on eastern philosophy or Japanese aesthetics; just a curious human that loves connecting with others and hearing their stories. All feedback welcome. Listener supported at www.patreon.com/wabisabipodcast

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