English Kids Story with Katrina

Katrina Hao

✨Simple stories for children and English learners. Fairytales 🧚 folktales 🧙‍♀️ and original stories by Katrina Hao from U.S.A. Watch on Youtube @mskatrinahao 📚https://linktr.ee/katrinahao S16: Emotions S15: Grimm's (video) S14: British Fairy Tales S13: Lucy the Cat: Summer Vacation S12: Winnie the Pooh S11: Farm Animals S10: Lucy the Cat: Food S9: Hans Christian Andersen S8: Mother Goose S7: Lucy the Cat: Countries S6: Happy Holidays! S5: Grimm's Fairy Tales S4: My Father’s Dragon - beginner S3: My Father's Dragon - advanced S2: Scandinavian Stories S1: Aesop’s Fables

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