What Was That Like - a storytelling podcast with amazing stories from real people

Scott Johnson, true stories listener and fan of any amazing true story & Glassbox Media.

A storytelling podcast, with first-hand amazing stories. Each story teller tells their own personal true story, with all the details of what happened. Animal attacks, plane crashes, mass shootings, and more – this show brings you these amazing stories. Each one is a true story - and the story teller is just a regular human being like you. But they have experienced something incredible and unbelievable, so they come on this podcast and share their true story in detail. Most of the storytelling podcasts currently available tend to focus on fictional content. You won’t find that here. The amazing stories you’ll hear on this show are always verified in advance as a true story – and the story teller (the guest) is the person who actually experienced that situation. The host, Scott Johnson, started this podcast because he’s a big fan of amazing stories himself – and this is a great way to hear each story teller recount in detail their true story and what they went through. Also, this is not a storytelling podcast that only focuses on the negative – you’ll hear from a story teller who won big on a TV game show, and another whose true story involves finding love after texting a wrong number. Amazing stories don’t necessarily have to be dark! Storytelling podcasts are not hard to find – there are lots of them. What Was That Like is unusual, because each episode is a true story, and each guest (the story teller) is telling you first-hand the amazing true story of what they encountered. That’s why this podcast is often the most popular storytelling podcast choice of listeners worldwide.

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