Persistence in Prayer with Kylie Hein

Kylie Hein

Raise your hand if you've ever... Felt like  God was near, but couldn't figure out what he was asking you to do.Questioned  why if you're doing God's will, your vocation seems SO stinking hard. Dropped everything to help out a coworker, only to come home paralyzed by decision fatigue because you didn't touch your own to-do list.My friend, you are in good company! If you are a fellow book buying, course-taking, love to do all-of-the-things while often getting stuck in a state of overwhelm kind of Catholic (or Christian), this is the place for you!Welcome to the Persistence in Prayer podcast, hosted by Catholic Mindset Coach, wife, mother, educator, and speaker, Kylie Hein.  This podcast is where Christian women learn to create space from their circumstances and obligations, so that they can show up mentally present with those that need them most. We explore the beauty and simplicity of life that comes as a result of persistence in prayer, as well as all of the daily trials that come with living a life rooted in Christ.If you're in a valley and need a friend, we're here. If you're on a peak and ready to shout out your wins to the world, we're here for that too!Here, you will learn to cultivate a deeper sense of trust in God's plan for your life so that you have clarity in His calling and the courage to go wherever he leads. If you long to give God a more prominent place in your life, but you aren't sure where to begin, stick around. Being a high achiever and having a deep, meaningful prayer life are not mutually exclusive. You don't have to sacrifice your one-on-one time with God to meet the demands of your job, your family, or your schedule. You have a choice. Your fresh start to freedom may be just one episode away.

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