Digging Into the Pet Industry™

Nancy Hassel

Welcome to Digging Into the Pet Industry™ Podcast helping you navigate and learn about the $150+ Billion Dollar Pet Industry! Brought to you by American Pet Professionals® (APP) – the only organization that caters to all pet professionals – helping pet entrepreneurs unite and grow their businesses since 2009. This is the podcast where we dig in with Pet Entrepreneurs every week to know what works for their pet businesses and what can work for your business too. Tune in to hear ideas, know-how, simple step-by-step strategies, and even some thought-provoking marketing concepts that you can apply to your own business. Prepare to be inspired and take action to grow your pet business! Hosted by Nancy Hassel, the founder and President of American Pet Professionals® who has over 20 years in the industry and even more in media! Nancy has been speaking and educating pet professionals at industry events since 2008. 

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