The Best Managers Don't Rescue, They Coach: Why Your Goals Should Be Thrilling, Important, and Daunting (with Michael Bungay Stanier, Author of ‘The Coaching Habit’ & ‘How to Begin’)

Thursday 24 March 2022
00:00 How many times have you told your team the answer to their problems rather than ask them questions? We’ve all done it! Today’s guest is Michael Bungay Stanier, founder of Box of Crayons and author of “The Coaching Habit” & “How to Begin”. In today’s episode, Michael dives deep into what it really means to coach. We discuss performance versus development-based coaching, and the 3 principles to be more coach-like. Michael also talks about the advice monster and why most leaders try to rescue and protect their team. We also talk about how to incorporate coaching into the everyday and why every goal comes with mosquitoes. Tune in to hear all about Michael’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!

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