The Caring Advisor

Elizabeth Brickman

Welcome to "The Caring Advisor", I'm so glad you're here! I'm Elizabeth Brickman, "The Caring Advisor"! This podcast is for those who long to experience financial happiness God's way. I'm a former finance professional, credentialed in biblical finance. Ten years ago, I left private practice to write books, because I want all of us, not just those who sat at my desk, to develop an increasingly wonderful and holy relationship with money. We will talk about how to resist financial headwinds that come against us, how to make wise decisions, and how to avoid accidental poverty. I'll share stories about my financial faith heroes, clients who humbled me, inspired me, and taught me. These are everyday men and women just like you who got it right. And they serve as models for all of us about who we can be and how we can financially grow in Christ. Don't miss an episode, subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, so you'll be notified immediately when a new episode airs. And I do hope you will tell your family and at least five of your friends! Come visit me at

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