The Post-Graduate Pharmacist

Sean Smithgall & Taylor Steuber

Are you trying to get a pharmacy residency or other post-graduate training experience and do not know where to begin, or how to best separate and standout in the sea of other applicants? Co-hosts Drs. Sean Smithgall and Taylor Steuber can help you! Drs. Smithgall and Steuber, both clinical pharmacists and faculty at Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy, help candidates prepare for and obtain post-graduate training experiences like pharmacy residencies, fellowships, or other types of post-graduate training. Experts are brought in to talk about tips and steps candidates can take to make themselves separate and standout during the application process. Listeners are given actionable steps on exactly how to best prepare for the complicated process of applying to post-graduate training. Topics are current and bring you up-to-date information. New episodes drop on Mondays, every other week. You can listen on your favorite podcasting app.

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