Metalhead Politics

Chthonic, Ghost Island Media 鬼島之音

From Freddy Lim, vocalist of the metal band Chthonic and a member of parliament in Taiwan, and Emily Y. Wu, co-founder of Ghost Island Media, this is Metalhead Politics: a podcast on music, politics, and Taiwan. A co-production of Chthonic and Ghost Island Media. A Middag project.由閃靈樂團及鬼島之音合製的「政治重金屬」節目,由搖滾立委林昶佐及鬼島之音創辦人吳怡慈 Emily 主持.WEB | Chthonic | Ghost Island MediaFACEBOOK | Freddy Lim | Chthonic | Ghost Island Media TWITTER | @FreddyLim | @chthonictw | @ghostislandme | @emilyywuINSTAGRAM | @freddylimtt | @chthonictw | @ghostislandme | @emily.y.wuYOUTUBE | Chthonic | Ghost Island Media

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