Find out why animal communication is the superpower of the next generation pet parent and how you can tap in and use it with your pet!Have you ever felt like your pet is trying to tell you something important and you just aren't quite getting the message? Do you sometimes wonder if your pet in spirit is sending you signs but you don't trust that it's real? Have you ever had a veterinarian tell you that your pet is healthy but your gut is telling you something is amiss? Do you have an animal in your life and the bond is so deep you feel like you've been together before?Then Let's Talk to Animals is a must-add to your podcast playlist! 🌟Now in our fifth season, this popular podcast answers questions like: what do our companion animals truly want and need? What can you as a pet parent do when everything you have already done isn't enough to heal pet trauma, help pets get along, recover after pet loss, find your new forever pet? Is it possible for your soul pet to reincarnate back to you and how can you start that process? How do soul contracts work and how can you know if you have a soul agreement with your pet?Hear from pet industry leaders, holistic practitioners, energy workers, intuitive communicators and get your questions answered. Let's Talk to Animals truly is the podcast all species can enjoy together.Support Let's Talk to Animals!

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