IT: A Jamaican Weekly Perspective

Ian Seymour

Information Technology is vital to our daily life... personal, education, business, spiritual to name a few. Using this platform and others listed below, I aim to make information technology a relatable topic and reinforce the value Information Technology adds to our lives. On a weekly basis, I will discuss various information technology uses, opportunities, issues and news with you, my valued listeners. These topics will take into account old, present and new technology as part of the conversation, as I disseminate my expert perspective on the technology available and review your comments, feedback as well as questions.Ian Seymour is my name, I have over twenty (20) years in Information Technology - a lecturer, Systems Administrator, Podcaster (link), Consultant, hardware/software installation/repairs. I hold a Bsc. degree in Information Technology degree as well as a MBA, as well certified in networking and MIS.Please do not hesitate to cast me an email at or to express your views, give reviews or even ideas that you would like to hear me speak on. To better serve your cloud and file sharing needs, I invite you to engage my file sharing site at you all in advance for the support and listener-ship. “Fortuna audaces iuvat”

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