Stillness in the Storms brings a fresh voice to mindfulness - one that truly understands transformation comes not from escaping hardship, but finding peace within it. Join Steven Webb, a man who turned personal tragedy into an uplifting journey, as he reveals how to uncover inner calm and meaning in life's toughest moments. After a devastating diving accident left him severely paralyzed at 19 years old, Steven emerged with deep insights on resilience, presence, and living fully. Now, he shares those hard-won lessons to help you transform adversity into personal growth. Blending Zen Buddhism, Stoic philosophy, and his own story, Steven speaks to those struggling with grief, health challenges, burnout, and other storms we all face. Through relatable examples and practical wisdom, he makes mindfulness feel accessible - no retreat required. Inspirational yet down-to-earth, Steven will reframe how you approach life’s difficulties. You’ll gain tools to build courage, practice gratitude, release regret, manage stress, and unlock contentment - no matter what comes your way. Join the Stillness in the Storms community by subscribing and sharing your own journey. Help Steve keep these calming conversations flowing for everyone searching for inner peace in chaotic times. The storms of life do not define you. But with Steven’s guidance, you can find stillness and meaning within them. Are you ready to transform?

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