Humans United FC is a multimedia storytelling brand committed to sharing the human experience through the lens of sport. We’re a multi-talented collective of people elevating stories of the beautiful game which often go overlooked. From the bright lights of Miami, Florida to the quiet streets of Saginaw, Michigan folks are playing soccer. Whether you’re using a makeshift or a handstitched ball, footballers come from all walks of life.Come join host Joe Shaw as we explore some of the most interesting stories the world hasn’t heard YET. Through audio, video, photos, or articles you’ll become familiar with names like Kim Wyant and the 85ers, Jaiyah Saelua and the American Samoa World Cup Qualifying victory, names you might have overlooked but whose impact carries through today.We invite you to unite under the banner of football, futbol, soccer, whatever you call it. Come share your stories and learn about other’s. We're all unique and the power of sport amplifies and elevates our differences, forming life-long connections.#HumansUnitedFC 

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