The Ageless and Awesome Podcast

Susie Garden

The Ageless and Awesome Podcast is dedicated to helping women over 40 through Perimenopause and Menopause with best health, a positive mindset and outrageous confidence.  Hosted by Susie Garden, Perimenopause Naturopath and Weight Loss Nutritionist, Founder of The Glow Protocol® - the hormone balancing and weight loss program for women. This podcast is for you if you’re noticing those pesky early symptoms of perimenopause like night sweats, weight gain, insomnia and fatigue. Or perhaps you’re experiencing hot flushes and forgetting words and people’s names (ugh!)? Or dealing with unwanted weight gain, a sex drive that’s fallen off a cliff and vaginal issues? In this podcast, we will cover all of those perimenopause and menopause issues you chat with your friends about (plus the taboo ones - you know what I mean ladies!)  We cover health (especially gut health), beauty hacks, confidence and everything you need to feel young, vibrant and rediscover your GLOW! I’m here, calling on my 30+ years of healthcare experience in both conventional AND natural medicine plus I’ll be chatting with industry experts from around the globe on body image, beauty, fashion and styling, mindset hacks and the latest in longevity medicine.  So if you’re sick of feeling like a crazy person has taken over your body and mind, and want science-based, actionable tips to optimise your health and wellbeing as you move into menopause and beyond stick around. To learn more about what I do with my incredible Glow Protocol®, sustainable weight loss and nutrition hacks, check out

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