If you are ready to pivot your “I can’t into an I can, then you are in the right place. Susan Salzman, host of the Power of the Pivot, explores how women of the “what’s next” generation who are ready to say NO to everyone around them so they can say YES to themselves. Building on her 35+ years as a founder and CEO, she is guiding brands, creatives, and entrepreneurs to tap into the knowledge, build their confidence and prove to everyone that building a business in your 50s doesn't have to SUCK! Tune in to hear how she and her guests use simple tools, tips, and resources to navigate both the highs and lows of aging in a modern world. The truth is, age is just a number, and if you are ready to reinvent, realign, and redesign your life after 50, then join this community of strong, passionate, and fearless women!

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