Stathis-Mittel Industry Leadership & Success

Stathis Partners, LLC.

The Stathis-Mittel Industry Leadership and Success podcast series for the financial institutions wealth management channel is focused on industry leading performance, success stories, case studies, and key business intelligence that will help you meet your leadership and business growth objectives, and help our channel achieve its full potential. In addition to case studies and discussions of real-time challenges and solutions we will be discussing related issues including the following: • Lessons Learned from Remote Advisors • What It Means to be a Trusted Advisor • The Importance of the Discovery Process • Creating Differentiation in a Commoditized Industry • Book Optimization • Tiered Delivery and Client Segments • Reg BI Implementation • Why We Suck at Insurance and What to Do About It • Profits based on value of services provided, not types of products sold • The Future of Fees • Succession Planning • The Growing Importance of Data Mining

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