Listen in on this hot and spicy podcast that aims to be a source of information on all things pertaining to sex. Each episode will touch upon a truth regarding sex and expand upon it. Eve’s message is that of self-love, transparency in communication, and an appreciation of the human body and all of the pleasure it can experience. Eve is a believer that everyone is deserving of love and pleasure, and she wants you to get yours too! In that vein being big on education and awareness, Eve has started an Orgasm Revolution to bring awareness to the Orgasm Gap. She believes that we are all on a path of discovery, and we all deserve to feel sexual liberation, sensual freedom and BCE or Big Clit Energy! Learn more about the Orgasm Revolution and join it today on pleaseme.onlineYou can reach Eve on  or call her on the OWWLL app and use code EH576472 to speak to her directly! See loves hearing from her listeners! Eve is a licensed Physical Therapist who specializes in Sexual Health. Please me aims to destigmatize conversations about sex by promoting honesty and communication among partners. Eve also promotes self love and body positivity, and is part of the BIPOC,  LGBTQ and Ethical Non-Monogamous communities. Reach out to Eve for an appointment or if you have any questions about your sexual health at www.pleaseme.onlineWho wants a date? Maybe 2? is the premier ethically non monogamous dating site where Eve hosts free webinars.  use code 37340 to get a free trial membership and join the Please Me! Health Collective today!Eve promotes pleasure and pleasure equality. What does it take for you to experience that BIG O? Maybe you want to introduce a sexy new toy into the bedroom or 2? Visit Organic Loven which is the best online adult store for the best and safest products, sex toys, lubes and more. likes to talk about hormones and thriving sexually as we age, and she herself talks about her struggles with her perimenopause symptoms. She has found the best products that she herself uses that have helped her to stop having the problematic sneeze if you know what I mean? Eve uses the Silky Peach Cream (estriol) and the Vibrant Third Cream (progesterone) you think you would be a great guest for the show? Eve is always looking for interesting new guests! She uses PodMatch to connect with new and potential guests. Not all will be aligned with my mission, but if you want to see if you might be a good fit for the show, reach out here. Please consider supporting  the show here:

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