If you’re a farmer, you know the joy of working the land: the cadence of the seasons, the understanding of the natural world, the tangible results of your hard work. But you probably also know how stressful it can be. From family and finance pressures, to isolation and an exhausting job that has no days off. In fact, agricultural workers experience suicide rates 50% higher than the national average, and that number is rising. On Cultivating Resilience from Cultivemos (FRSAN-NE), farm care starts with self-care. We’ll hear from real, independent farmers on the struggles they face every day, and how they are overcoming them. We’ll provide resources to strengthen your mental health and survive uncertain times. And we’re building a community where farmers and ranchers can support each other, because even the hardiest plants need the right conditions to grow. Together we’ll discuss the specific stresses that farmers face—things like family farm succession, economic burdens, and rural isolation. Follow the show wherever you get your podcasts, so you never miss an episode. And please, share the show with someone you think it may help.

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