Imaginings: Moments of Magic

Andrea Klassen-Koop

When I was very young, I spent all of my time reading and I so desperately wanted those stories to be real. As I grew up, I started watching Sci-Fi and fantasy shows and I wanted those to be real too. And, you know, in a way, I think they are. One of my favourite quotes is “All stories are true, but some of them never happened” by James A. Owen. It’s really inspiring to me to think that humans are so creative that we have entire universes made up in the pages of a book and on the screen and that’s really amazing. One of the funnest things for me is to bring these scenes to life through the power of words. So my goal with this podcast is inspiring imagination, to continue modern storytelling, and just take you to places that you didn’t know you wanted to go. This is my way of making the world just a little bit better and a little bit more magical. So join me for a journey of wonder and imaginings.

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