Everyday Joes

Michael Stahnke & Derek Carroll

Just a couple Wisconsin & Arizona Guys talking about topics that help lead to positivity, growth, mindset shifts and are both empathetic and provide inspiring stories that help with success. Everyday Joes is for people that are interested in analyzing others with like mindsets. Mindset is what get's you through the tough times. It's what separates the good from the greats! Don't get stuck in the wrong mindset, because it's tough to shake it. Money doesn't always measure success and the vast majority of people are chasing different dreams. We want to examine these journeys and have fun along the way. Remember to like, comment, subscribe for more videos relating to success! Check out our website too at Everydayjoes.tv and all Social Media platforms @EverrydayJoes#WeOutHere #EverydayJoes #Podcast

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