LAF Life (Living Alcohol Free)

LAF Life

LAF Life was voted one of the Top 10  new recovery podcasts in 2022. It is a weekly lifestyle podcast hosted by a couple of friends living alcohol free. In a booze-soaked world, we all made the unpopular decision to become "AF" (alcohol-free). What makes us different? This podcast is about sharing our unique perspectives on how we managed to pull ourselves out of this cultural epidemic and create a beautiful alcohol free life. Without using labels to define our choices, we debunk some of the myths about what life is really like without alcohol. We came together with a common vision, to share our stories and build a community of likeminded people in a safe, judgement free environment. We reveal our real life experiences unscripted & uncensored with the hopes to inspire others on their journey to sobriety. On the road to self-discovery we plan to grow, learn and heal together.

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