Welcome to the Debt Financial Freedom Podcast. Everyone loves the benefits of money, but so many of us avoid the hard truths about saving and investing. We wrongly assume we don’t have enough time, capital or knowledge to be able to get to the point of having passive income streams, savings, or investments.The things we really need to know about money aren’t taught in schools. Spending less than you earn, maximising your income, budgeting, taxes, mortgages, investments and passive income - if you didn’t learn these things from your family, then you’re probably like most people who rely on credit cards, buy now, pay later and overdrafts. And then when you want to invest or buy property you will be wondering why you can’t get approval.But there is no judgment from me here - I was in exactly the same situation! Huge debt, poor financial habits and no assets to my name. Step by step I turned my situation around and now, as a certified mortgage broker for 16 years with several investment properties in my name, I’m here to help you go from debt to financial freedom. Because if I can do it, you can too.In this podcast, I will share tips, insights and strategies from my own journey and experience, as well as my clients and guest experts, who share my values and mission to help others create financial freedom. My goal in this podcast is to share raw, honest, transparent, and helpful stories that you can relate to, and that will inspire you to take control of your finances. The only ‘good’ debt is debt that brings you closer to financial freedom and I will show you exactly how to achieve this. Everything shared by me and my guests in this podcast is general in nature, and for education purposes only. None of your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs have been taken into consideration. I highly recommend you seek personal, financial, legal, taxation, and credit advice before you take action on what you heard on this podcast.

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