The Many Meanderings Of The First Gen X Man

Wil Boudreau

Hi, I'm Wil Boudreau, AKA The First Gen X Man. Did I ever tell you about the time I made a pizza commercial with a certain very recent ex-president? Or how about the time I was fired by a New Jersey mobster? Or that summer when I definitely did not become a movie star? Of course not. We've never met. But now you can hear these funny stories and more. Ripped from the endless adventure that is my life.From growing up in the shag carpeting covered suburbs in the 1970's.To working as an advertising "madman" for a couple of decades.To raising four boys under house arrest during COVID lockdown. It's all been a hysterical, stressful, story, untold until now. My stories will make you laugh a lot and cry just a little. You know, just like your hair in 1985.

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