Thorn In The U.S.A.

A Group of Concerned Citizens!

No MAGA-endorsed public figure is safe from this political satire. Fictional host, “Margaret Penelope Taylor,” is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s biggest fan. She fancies herself Marjorie's distant cousin, though the DNA tests have been inconclusive. Tune-in every Friday to get the latest news and insights from the self-proclaimed, “Marjorie Taylor Greene Whisperer.” You think MTG has been ineffective in congress? Wait until she gets into the oval office. THORN IN THE USA Podcast is written, produced, designed and performed by a group of concerned citizens who hold these truths to be self-evident: 1) Women’s rights are human rights! 2) Fox News is an existential threat to our democracy…And 3) Marjorie Taylor Greene is a national embarrassment! Sound Design and production by the INFINITELY talented, @DJBrianVasquez PodArt by the ENDLESSLY talented Jennifer Dahbura,

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