In the before times, I had this podcast where I interviewed runners, while we were running. It literally took me years to figure out how to record people running: I made a ton of mistakes, fails and heaps of frustrations. (kinda like learning to I nailed it down, and it was great! 13 glorious episodes of heavy breathing, feet pounding and truth telling...all while running and laughing. THEN COVID. BOO.But we are back and I am interviewing people who happen to run, but via Zoom this time...Season 2, if you will. So far I have interviewed writers, musicians, a singer and a BISHOP! Each episode is full of laughter, fun and we get deep into why people run. And if you would do me a solid, please subscribe and share...because sharing is caring. THANK YOU! Want to start running?? Our super popular Couch to 5k Club opens 6.14 Details Here:

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