The Brews Travelers' Outcast Podcast

The Brews Travelers

Join us as we explore breweries in our hometown of Cincinnati...& beyond.We try to give the listener the "big picture" for the breweries we visit & also let you know of other breweries that are within traveling distance in case you want to take a Day Tour of that area.We talk about the size of the brewery, seating, parking, the aesthetic, etc. We also try to sit down w/ the brewer &/or owner & rip through a bunch of rapid-fire questions & then learn "The Story" of the brewery. Those rapid fire questions answer things like "Are you kid-friendly?", "Do you serve anything other than beer?", "Do you have food options?"...things like that. Our goal is to promote our amazing Craft Brewery Scene & make it easier for our fellow Brews Travelers to decide which breweries they would like to hit. Whether you're coming in from out of town for a weekend trip or business trip...or you're a local Cincinnatian & your thinking about a day trip to the other side of the city to see what they have going on...we're here to help.We will also try to get as many "Guest Brews Travelers" on as many episodes as possible. We think hearing other people's perspectives on the places we visit will only add value to what we are trying to do here. Plus, we just love sharing beers w/ fellow craft beer enthusiasts!So, we hope you enjoy. Travel on.Cheers!

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