Songbirding: A Birding-by-ear Podcast

Rob Porter

Songbirding takes you on an auditory journey through the songs of birds. Recorded entirely outdoors, a variety of songbird species from the Great Lakes region of North America are featured. Each episode provides listeners with a unique and immersive experience, as they listen to the beautiful melodies and calls of different birds in their natural habitats. Along with the sounds, birding guide Rob Porter shares interesting facts and insights about the birds, providing a deeper understanding of their behaviour and significance in the ecosystems they inhabit. Twice nominated as best Science Podcast in the Canadian Podcast Awards. Season 1, "The Bruce Peninsula" was recorded in July of 2019, in various locales of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. Season 2, "Midsummer" was recorded in July and August of 2019, in Hamilton, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Season 3, "Spring of Solitude" was recorded in spring of 2020, in the Hamilton, the Niagara Region, and Norfolk County. Season 4, "On Territory" was recorded throughout 2020 & 2021, in various places in Ontario. Season 5, “In The Quietude” was recorded in 2021 through 2023 in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Season 6, "Allegheny National Forest" was recorded in 2022 through 2024 in Allegheny National Forest and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania and New York states. Season 7 is forthcoming and was/is being recorded in Kananaskis Country, Alberta in 2023 through 2025. For those with high-frequency hearing loss, please search for "Songbirding Under 5kHz" Credits Recorded, engineered, narrated and created by Rob Porter. Cover art by Lauren Helton - Support the show at

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