Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia

Sparrow-Folk & Magenius

Subscribe in your podcast app of choice: Apple Podcasts | PocketCasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Castro | Google PodcastsFox and Lark are two middle-aged women. Lark is juggling her young family, husband and maternity leave from her teaching gig. Fox is balancing trying to have a baby solo, her work as a public servant, and her manipulative mother. As Sparrow-Folk, they love making Fem Glam Folk music together on their ukuleles and think going pro might be the best way to spend time together. When their first gig goes horribly wrong, they don't let it get to them and just flap their wings harder. But novice band managers, creepy clients and oblivious gynaecologists all throw a rainbow of spanners into the works. Can Sparrow-Folk pull the worm of success out of the boggy ground of defeat? Will this be their moment to fly? Find out, in Sparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia!Follow Sparrow-Folk on Facebook and Instagram.This podcast is sponsored by Thanks, birdsnest!Created by Cathy Crowley, Juliet Moody, Paul Bissett and Catherine Prosser. Full credits at photography by Monica PronkSparrow-Folk: Adventures in SuBIRDia is a Magenius production in association with Sparrow-Folk. It was made on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, Australia and is funded by the ACT Government through artsACT Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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