Imagine, you had in just one live around 25 legal conflicts and battles of all kinds! With clients about the quality of your work or about sharp business prices.  With your neighbor about the costs of reconstruction of your house.  Or for the transfer of your house to a family member to escape you creditors. Yes, I know, it's not you..  Who is this? We’re talking Rembrandt, the world famous painter from the Dutch Golden Age.  I am Bob Wessels and I am from the Netherlands. I am a veteran lawyer with fifty (50) years of legal working experience. In my podcasts I will tell you my opinion on these and many other matters. In 2021, I published my book “Rembrandt’s Money. The legal and financial life of an artist-entrepreneur in 17th century Holland.” It has received very positive reviews, in England, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  Throughout the year 2024 I will deliver a podcast every fourteen days with an episode of fascinating and telling stories about Rembrandt business and financial affairs. Every episode is between 15-20 minutes, and all are for free.   So if you are on your way to work, in the airport waiting in the lounge, exercising or running, on a journey in a car, train or plane or just have an hour free: welcome to my podcast and learn more about this rather unknown side of Holland’s most famous painter!  Looking forward to connect!  1.    Welcome: 1.    Blog:   2.    Website: https://www.rembrandtsmoney.com3.    Sources:   4.    Instagram: 5.    For a few years I did extensive research, leading to my book of Rembrandt’s Money. The legal and financial life of an artist-entrepreneur in 17th century Holland. The first edition of the book Rembrandt’s Money, published in autumn 2021. It is nearly sold out.  See Or: 6.    Idea, research, author and narration: Bob Wessels:    Artwork, editing, production: Jan Wind: 8.    Artwork based on the bookcover of ‘Rembrandt’s money’ designed by Teun Okkerse: Copyright accountability:Music: Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (orchestra) - Thomas Beecham (conductor) The Salomon Symphonies (Volume One) — Capitol Records, 1958. GCR 7127. Copyright Public Domain - Source: Internet Archive - Public Domain  Disclaimer: We have made every effort to trace copyright holders. We publish all texts and/or photos in complete good faith, after obtaining certainty or in the full belief that the material may be used. We kindly ask persons or organizations that claim certain rights or wish  withdraw their consent for any reason to contact us immediately. You canfind all contact details in the show notes of the podcast or in the contact information on the website of ‘Rembrandts Money’. 

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