The Author's Corner

Robin Colucci

For aspiring authors, writing a book is a lifelong dream, but one that can seem to be just out of reach. The process of writing a book can be both exciting and frustrating. The idea can be there , but sometimes we get stuck and can’t seem to find the inspiration to move forward.If you are an expert in your field who is thinking about writing a book, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Author’s Corner, a show where we will help you unlock your creativity and write the book of your dreams. Hosted by Robin Colucci, we bring you some of the most prolific and successful authors in the business, as well as other industry experts, to share some inspiration, motivation, tactical strategy, and fun!Robin Colucci helps world-class experts write world-changing books. Her clients have been published by “Big 5” and other top publishing houses, and others have self-published. Many have won awards, received outstanding book reviews, and/or become bestsellers on Amazon, USA Today, and The New York Times bestsellers lists.Clients come to her for help to write a substantive book that supports their aims. Whether professionals, top scientists, CEOs, astronauts, Nobel laureates, or non-profit founders, Robin’s clients see that to write a book and get it published can help open doors to new opportunities, expand brand awareness, deepen brand loyalty, gain greater recognition and influence, and enhance credibility.Robin has real-world publishing experience. Her first job out of college was working with a New York Times bestselling author who mentored her for three years on what it takes to develop, pitch, write, publish, and promote a book. She helped research, write, and edit three books in three genres during her tenure - one fiction, one academic text, and one mass-market nonfiction book.Just before becoming a book writing coach, Robin was an acquisitions editor for an independent publishing house. Put in charge of selecting works for publication, Robin realized that subject-matter experts need help to move their book projects from start to finish.Before that she worked as a journalist, reporting for a mid-sized metropolitan newspaper, and has researched and/or written freelance articles for The Washington Post, The New York Times Magazine, and Newsweek.We know that every writer is unique and there is no single path to authorship. However, the most successful authors have highly effective habits that help them reach their goals. Discover their best practices as well as their journey to becoming bestselling authors. Let Robin and her guests provide you the strategy of not just writing a book but writing a book that helps you go to the next level in your career and your business.There’s never an excuse to write a lousy book. So whether you’ve been aspiring to be an author since childhood or just a few minutes ago, we are dedicated to providing you all the knowledge you need to write one... and write it well! Join The Author’s Corner today and start your life’s opus!

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