365 Stories I Want To Tell You Before We Both Die

Caveh Zahedi

An oral history of Caveh Zahedi by Caveh Zahedi. One story per day, every day, originally published Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2021. If you love the show and want to own the whole catalogue, you can buy it now at caveh365.com. Or you can check this feed daily to hear the seven most recent episodes. Produced by Leon Neyfakh for Prologue Projects. Music by Evan Ziporyn. Engineering by Maxwell Di Paolo, with additional engineering by Ross Burlingame, Sam Brodsky, Maxwell Drexler, Robert Gordon, Wade Haesemeyer, Charlie O’Brien, Joseph Petrini, and Chien-Yu Wang. Artwork by August Polite. Cover design by Teddy Blanks.

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