If you find spiritual growth, spirit guides and the spirit world intriguing but too complex, then you’re in good company. Join international medium, bestselling author and spiritual teacher Chris Lippincott every Wednesday as he explores spiritual connection, the non-physical world and how this life affects the next.Chris shares tangible, actionable advice that he used to go from the corporate world to connecting with the spirit world. He’s sharing everything he learned from his thousands of mediumship readings, trance communications and automatic writings from spirit using step-by-step, understandable methods. He interviews the top practitioners in the industry who will share their secrets about spiritual development to ensure you have the best advice at your fingertips. It’s Chris’s mission to help raise the spiritual awareness and vibration of humanity. Many ask, How do I connect with my spirit guides? How can I expand my spirituality? How can I improve my meditation practice? What’s my purpose? What are signs from spirit? What's the afterlife like? Do we really die? And the biggest question of all, can I REALLY communicate with spirit or my guides? Whether you’re just starting on your spiritual journey or have been on it for years, this show is for you.

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