Creators Society Animation Podcast

Creators Society

Join host Michael Wakelam of the Creators Society as he interviews animation industry icons and innovators from companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, Netflix, Sony, and many more! Tune in to hear from top executives, animators, writers, and producers, their inspiring career journeys, and the projects they are working on next!Michael Wakelam is an animator, writer, director, and the founder of Anthem Studios. Michael develops original children's media content and live-action screenplays from his studio in London. The Creators Society is a professional society for all disciplines of the animation industry. Our mission is to bring the animation community together to build strong relationships, provide education, and form a better understanding of the different roles we all play in creating stories. We celebrate and promote the love of animation, and all the talented Creators who breathe life and imagination into their work.

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