Business Growth Accelerator

Isar Meitis

Growing a business is tough, and on this podcast, you will get practical tips, systems, processes, and mindsets from experts that can help you grow faster and with less pain.My personal business experience (3 startups and 2 exists), and my endless curiosity, help me bring world-class experts, and ask them the right questions, to make it highly valuable to you. I also do not take life too seriously, so it's always a lot of fun! This is not just another business interview show. Because of my personal experience, I bring my own value to the conversation. I'm a serial entrepreneur with three startups behind me: One went public, the second busted because of bad decisions by the CEO (That was me by the way), and the third grew to $100M in sales as part of a larger company that got sold.It took me 20 years to learn how to do it right. But now I'm on a quest to get you there much faster! I'm hosting senior business leaders, entrepreneurs, and world-class experts. Together we search for gold - strategies, systems, processes, and practical tips that you can implement to grow your business. You will hear fascinating business stories, really funny moments, and lots of actionable business tips.Welcome to the business growth accelerator!!!Connect with me on Linkedin: help companies grow by helping them nurture meaningful full relationships at scale.

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