Designer Discussions : Interior design podcast

Mirjam Lippuner, Jason Lockhart, Maria DesignAppy

Welcome to Designer Discussions, the ultimate guide for interior design and kitchen and bath business owners seeking success in marketing, communication, and public relations! Join us as we dive into proven strategies and expert insights to help you elevate your business. Discover how to boost your online presence, attract new clients, and secure high-budget projects. Uncover the secrets of landing highly coveted magazine placements to simplify your life and skyrocket your income. Tune in to gain insider tips on internet visibility, client acquisition, and effective branding. Get ready to transform your business and thrive in the competitive world of interior design and kitchen and bath industries. Let's make your entrepreneurial journey smoother and more profitable together.  The show is a mix of interviews, special co-hosts, and solo shows from Jason Lockhart, Maria  DesignAppy, and Mirjam Lippuner. 

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