Scrap You Later - Hold or Sell

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Do you want to make more money scrapping? Here at the iScrap App, it's been our highest priority to help scrappers become more informed, make better decisions regarding their scrap, and bring transparency to a "hush-hush" industry. Our podcast Scrap You Later is the newest addition to our collection of resources that will help you stay informed on all things scrapping. Here, you will learn the industry's ins and outs from Tom Buechel, the creator of the iScrap App, who also happens to be a scrap yard owner. We will be featuring weekly content, ranging from short and informative clips, interviews with industry leaders and special guests, tips and tricks from a scrap yard owner's perspective, and of course, questions asked by you, our listeners. Whether you are a full-time scrapper, part-time, or enthusiast, this podcast is to help YOU make more money and learn more about the scrap industry.

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